i rarely promote but i’m in that mood and i think these blogs are genuinely important blogs to follow okay:

http://gendersquire.tumblr.com/   is run by jasper and kat and they give a really good insight into queer life with inspirational writing which i think could help a lot of people with either coming to terms with themselves or gaining a better understanding of others.

http://inseptica.tumblr.com is matylda, a wonderful human who answers advice questions and has a very powerful, mature and inspirational insight which has actually helped me in spite of the fact that i haven’t had to ask for advice. also, it’s a generally really cool blog.

http://didgewrites.tumblr.com/ is my beautiful friend didge’s writing blog. her writing is not only fucking good, but addresses some emotions that are very hard to tap into/express and i found it really moving and you should all give her praise for her work.

http://eccysis.tumblr.com/ is a really lovely blog that posts calming and peaceful images and generally encourages a healthy relationship with the world and yourself, which is something everyone needs more of in their life. really beautiful vibes going on here.

i’m not saying these guys are necessarily my most reblogged/favourite posters but i just think you would all benefit from following them okay. thank you for your time c: